Taste of Swan Valley Est 2020

We are all about bringing a Taste of Swan Valley to you. Showcasing our local wineries, distilleries and proudly supporting our local artisans and businesses across the Swan Valley region in Western Australia. Our beautiful online gift box service and retail is exclusively Western Australia and located throughout our own magnificent Swan Valley. 

We are lucky enough to live locally in Swan Valley for over 25 years and have all  the Valley has to offer at our front door. World class wineries, breweries, distilleries and countless gourmet artisans. Along with all of the beautiful nature surrounding Swan Valley. Grape Vines in all seasons are stunning, magnificent Jacaranda trees at Nikola Estate, the Swan River, and many historic sites. 

So many childhood memories in Swan Valley right from when I was young helping fill the honey jars from the honey barrels and tasting the delicious honey. 

 “ Toppy Geer “ My uncle known as the local bee keeper, one of the first bee keepers along West Swan Road and Swan Valley region. This property now Baileys Brewing Co who plan to re - purpose some of the old cars from the property in their now playground.

Bringing the taste of Swan Valley to you and Australia wide means we can create that experience for you, family and friends or anyone who is looking for that special gifting or just simply enjoying a little taste of your own backyard. 

Swan Valley’s grape history dates back nearly 200 years to early settlement. In 1829 the first vines were planted by Thomas Waters. 

In 1840 Sandalford Wines planted their first vines. There is so much amazing history and a lot of these early settlers and properties are still run today generations later and thriving.

Come and join us as we create our Taste of Swan Valley retail and gift box online for you to enjoy, and also learn more about the beautiful region old & new along the way.